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ASUCLA Campus Photo Studio
A-Level Ackerman
(310) 206-0899
Cost of 2 2"x2" photos: $7.50 plus tax
CVS Pharmacy
1001 Westwood Blvd.
(310) 209-9141
cost of 2 2"x2" photos: $7.99 plus tax

You have two options:

1. Apply for a tourist “L” visa at the Chinese Consulate in your area.

2. Provide visa application documents and payment to Monroe Gorden by 4PM on Monday, May 1, 2014.

Visa Application Check List:

  • Valid Passport (please make sure that your passport has 6 months of remaining validity and one blank visa page).

  • Copy of Passport ID page

  • Completed Visa Application

  • 1 Passport Photo (2”x2”, stapled or glued to application form)

  • $140.00 Visa Fee

    Please pay by Money Order or Cashier's Check, made payable to:  Chinese Consulate.  Cash and Personal Checks are not accepted

**Non-US Citizens, children of Chinese descent born in the U.S., and former Chinese citizens must submit additional documents.  Please check your local Chinese Consulate website for details.

Submit all documents in person at the Chinese Consulate or to your Campus Coordinator.

Los Angeles Chinese Consulate General

443 Shatto Place
Los Angeles, CA 90020
Tel: 213-807-8088  

Please refer to for information regarding health concerns in China. Please refer questions about immunizations to your physician. Depending on each person’s health condition, your doctor will be able to suggest the appropriate immunizations you should have before going on the trip

You may check-in two (2) bags and carry on one (1) bag for international air travel.  Please make sure that your carry-on luggage does not exceed 40lbs. (18kgs.) and your checked luggage does not exceed 50lbs. (23kgs.) each or you may incur additional fees.   Your check-in luggage must not exceed 62 inches. and your carry-on luggage must not exceed the dimensions of 22"x14"x9", due to underseat and overhead compartment size restrictions.

Please note that participants of Trips B, C, and D will be traveling from Beijing to other cities via domestic airlines within China that have different luggage restrictions.   You may only check-in 1 piece of luggage weighing no more than 44 lbs., so please pack accordingly.  It is always better to travel light!

Checked baggage should be locked and all luggage should be tagged with your name and address or hotel information (LOC will provide the hotel and itinerary information closer to the trip via e-mail).

Hazardous materials should never be checked or carried on in baggage.  Please do not pack cash, jewelry, antiques, passport and negotiable items etc. with your check-in baggage.  If your baggage is missing or damaged, please inform airline personnel before leaving the baggage claim area and contact LOC staff.  Please be responsible for your personal belongings properly during the Silk Road to the Future trip.

What to Pack Checklist

  • Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, shampoo, conditioner, styling products, etc.)

  • Sunscreen

  • Sunglasses

  • Cap/hat

  • Umbrella

  • Purell Hand Sanitizer

  • Travel-sized tissue or wet wipe packs

  • Over-the-counter medication you may need (i.e. aspirin, immodium, etc.)

  • Clearly labeled prescription medication

  • Electric Converter

  • Batteries or recharger

  • Camera/Video, film


  • Comfortable walking shoes

  • Light jacket (it can get cool in plane and on the bus)

  • Comfortable, breathable clothing (it will be hot & humid)

  • Something casual, but nice for the ceremony and dinners.

  • Please remember that most public restrooms may require you to hover above the toilet. Women from past trips found it helpful to dress in skirts or sundresses to make going to the restroom easier.

  • Avoid clothes that bare too much (anything too short, low cut or baring midriffs).  The Chinese culture is still pretty conservative and it is uncommon to see people wearing these types of attire.

Other Items:

  • Journal to record your experiences:

  • Travel guidebooks for Beijing and other cities and regions you are visiting

  • Phrase book for non-Chinese speakers

  • Copy of your passport and other important documents (this will help if you ever lose these documents during the trip).

  • Bank/Credit Card company phone numbers, in case you lose your credit or debit card.

  • Address Labels: If you will be sending postcards, printing the names and addresses of friends and family on adhesive labels will you save time and avoid having to bring your address book or planner.

  • Gifts for Chinese friends: Do not wrap them as they may be opened at Chinese customs. Either pack the wrapping materials or use a gift bag.

  • Airline ticket

  • Passport

  • Copy of your itinerary

  • Gift for Chinese counterparts

  • Your silk artwork

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